First Words, First Steps

Yes, its simple.  Yes, I have almost no experience in either html or usage of photoshop, but who cares?  Site is up! After much talk and speculation, I finally got the time together to register a domain and set up a formal blog.  I was initially inclined to sign up for one of the more common services, but after much research and to my complete dismay, I came to the firm conclusion that almost none of the major blog sites are accessible in China, thus negating my purpose in registering.  Now that this arrangement has finally come into being, I am starting to find that I am far more partial to my own domain, as it will ultimately allow me significantly greater freedom to play with the design, as well as a greatly reduced chance the the site will be blocked once I am abroad.  I will not deny, however, that figuring out how to work through the css code and various other aspects of the site is quite a bit more difficult than anticipated, though I am sure that in time I will get a hand on all of that.  For now I am content just to have managed to get the thing up and to be able to start documenting the stages of preparation to head of to China in late December.

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