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I love New York

A shorter post about the importance of being a good guest, my interests in preparing for meeting people in China and of the difficulty in finding good gifts to give to our Chinese hosts. What souvenirs can I find that truly represent New York culture? Continue reading

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Rant on misleading statements

I haven’t written anything in a few days, and feel that it is sometimes worth writing simply for the sake of writing. And since there is no way that I could ever go past the storage limits of my server, … Continue reading

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I went to Leshan, Buddha was all I saw

Leshan China, known almost solely as the home of the world’s largest Buddha monument. Continue reading

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14 Days

Two weeks exactly. I just counted the number of days twice and got a little dizzy. That’s how long I have before I board a plane and make my way to the Middle Kingdom (no, not middle earth, Middle Kingdom). … Continue reading

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A Love For Textual Activity

Over the decent amount of time that I have spent working as a summer camp counselor and as an instructor for middle and high school students, I have met and spoken with a bizarre number of parents, teachers and general … Continue reading

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China, What is it to Me?

About two months ago, I applied to be a part of a trip to China at invitation of the Chinese government.  This trip, called “Discovering China”, is a one time only trip being hosted as a thank you for assistance … Continue reading

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