Avatar strikes back!

avatar-movie-posterFor days I have been looking forward to writing a particular post focusing on China at night, and had planned on writing it this afternoon.  Sometime around three o’clock I remembered that I have an essay due tomorrow or the day after, a requirement assigned as part of the trip I just came back from.  I have tons of material already written on the darn trip, but I don’t particular think that any of it falls under the guidelines for the paper.  It seems that China’s nightlife will just have to get pushed back another day.  Oh well.  After writing my other paper, I don’t feel like writing anything very large, but happened to see an excellent post on the Shanghaiist blog this morning that I found it to be particularly entertaining, and it fits well with my own post of a few days past.  It seems that the Avatar craze extends farther than I had previously guessed.  According to CNNgo.com, an Asia-specific counterpart of the American media group,

“Officials in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, have renamed one of their famous mountains in honor of James Cameron’s movie hit “Avatar”.  The peak, formerly known as the South Pillar of Heaven, will now be called Hallelujah Mountain”

I won’t go into more specifics than this, but I will say that the article is well worth a read, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  A confused smile, but a smile nonetheless.   Here are the two links, to the actual article as well as the original Shanghaiist post.

“Avatar”: You’ve seen the movie, now climb the mountain
(@ CNNgo.com)

Zhangjiajie Mountain Renamed After Avatar (@ Shanghaiist


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