The Best and the Worst, Part 1

It was a great week for reading about all things China, and I have decided to post some of my favorite and least favorite articles, in no particular order.  Actually, it would be better to say that they are all my favorites, but that some of them are atrociously written, or I feel that they present bad points.  This will be a strange mix, but hey, continuity is overrated.

Lets start with the good!

  1. Hecaitou on Race in China– A great blog post from ChinaGeeks (written by C. Custer) examining the potential for racism within China.  I don’t know if I agree with everything that the interviewee (Hecaitou) says, but the post is well written and very nicely framed.  A great number of well thought out comments follow
  2. How to Speak Through a Chinese Interpreter–  This article comes from the China Law Blog, and is also an interview, one between the blogger (who blogs on China’s ever changing legal scene) and an interpreter that he knows.  This article gives a much greater sense of how difficult it is to translate effectively, and how having a solid knowledge of a language isn’t always enough to convey the appropriate meaning.
  3. ‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity –  An excellent post on chinaSMACK documenting the antics of an attention grabbing individual that has been frequenting the Shanghai subway system.  Great pictures, and a small story about the guys obsession with a Korean model.  The comments below this article are not worth reading


And then….The Bad.  Actually, there was only one, but it was stupendous.

  • When China rules the world? Sorry, Not Likely–  This comes from the Washington Times, which I know to be a conservative paper.  Nonetheless, the views in the article stem far from any truth that I can see.  How the author is able to make the statements she does baffles me.  Then again, to each their own.
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