The Best and the Worst, Part 2

BoratAlright, I’ll say right off that this one is just about the best.  I wasn’t on my reading A game this week and didn’t get through enough material to find anything that I truly disliked.  Nothing wrong with that!  Here, for your reading/viewing pleasure, are some of my favorite things from this week.


  1. 1.  Xin Nian Hao- 24 Hours in Liuzhou–  This is a post from the Expatriate Games blog, which I actually found mentioned on Lost Laowai.  By far my favorite of the week, the author documents the events of (all) of New Years day, with one picture representing each hour.  There is a very well written story that accompanies the pictures, absolutely worth reading.  Michael, the author of the blog, does a great job of capturing the days events from many locations and perspectives, rather than focusing exclusively on the traditional activities.
  2. Tibet and Western Romanticism–  Oh look, everyone’s favorite topic, Tibet!  Another good article from C. Custer on ChinaGeeks.  This post is a response to an article by Christina Larson.  I enjoyed this post because it makes good points about the source article.  As the author later points out, there is a frequent tendency to make Tibet a black and white issue.  This article is not quite gray, but it certainly presents a view different than that which is presented within the American public.  If you have time, there is also some good discussion in the comments (though a bit lengthy).
  3. Sino-Vietnamese War Veteran Finally Finds Friends Grave–  A good post on chinaSmack, detailing the story of one war veterans quest to bring the body of his lost friend back from Vietnam.  I good look into the life of one individual, with some great pictures.
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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for mentioning the piece Fabrizio… much appreciated.

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