Pleco logoI have no doubt that time is a non-renewable resource.  It is strange to witness how nearly all daily interactions are moderated by such an untouchable force.  It cannot be stopped, slowed or even changed, yet we manage to commodaffy each minute like a product on a shelf.  Between my last entry sometime in April and now, the seasons have changed, my plans have shifted, and though I have plenty to write about, I more and more find myself with less time to get the thoughts on the page, and certainly no time for editing.  Commence your typo search.

With the continued challenge of finding time for my own interests, I have been generally concerned for the wellbeing of my language abilities.  The upkeep of a second language is a matter of daily maintenance, of which I just don’t seem to get around to most days.  As such, I gave in and invested in an Ipod touch, which supports an amazing little application called Pleco.  Pleco is a phenomenal electronic dictionary which will not only translate in both directions, but in conjunction with the touch pad employs character recognition, which can be essential in quickly scanning for the meaning of characters (you can always count the individual strokes if you so choose).  Simply draw the character for which you need a definition and the great wonders of technology manage to come up with characters that resemble yours.  The program manages to get it right about 90 percent of the time, and for those that are a bit sloppy, it usually has the correct character in its first 5 suggestions.  Even with a sloppy hand or written at great speed, I have found that I rarely need to rewrite.  For under 200 dollars, it is safe to say that it is the greatest investment I have made this year.  Beyond being incredibly effective and generally accurate, it is a bunch of fun to draw on the pad.  Having spent the last few months cursing the Ipad, I have recently dreamed about how much more effective such a program would be on a large screen.

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