Change of Seasons

I’m not going to lie, I have no material to write about, at least not anything pertaining to China.  It is the change of seasons in the Catskills.  Even in these late summer months, some of the trees are already beginning to get an orange tinge to their leaves, indicating the inevitable arrival of colder months.  The sky is glowing both gold and purple, the remains of a very hot and humid day in the mountains.

As I said, not a whole lot to write about.  There is an Indian restaurant and Buddhist temple down the road that I am hoping to get a chance to photograph and write about, but given the way that things have been going, I’m not sure when that will actually happen.  Tonight I am going to be spending some time looking at the stars (we have a pretty awesomely large telescope, though I know little of how to use it).  Should I ever move to Beijing, I suspect I will not be able to see the sky I love.  I wonder how anyone could live without seeing these stars.

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