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Black Friday

A Black Friday trip through some of the major retailers on the East coast. Lots of people, lots of stuff and pictures to boot. A free trip to the great American Circus. Continue reading

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Foreign Exchange Certificates

While writing the previous post on the things that I had seen at my grandmothers house, I had forgotten to show one more, and perhaps the coolest of the bunch.  Prior to my trip to China last January, my grandmother … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Trip to China

My 89 year old grandmother often speaks of the trip that she took to China in 1986. “China will rule the world”, she said. Here are some pictures of her stamped passport and itinerary. Continue reading

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A few months back, I began to have a great desire for a new camera, one which I thought would be able to deliver pictures of a finer quality.  Up until this point I have been using a Nikon Cool … Continue reading

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The Chinatown Mega-Tour

In my quest for good writing material, I propose an outlandish idea; a mega-trip to visit all of the East Coast Chinatowns by means of the ultra-discount Chinatown bus services. Continue reading

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I have never enjoyed any undertaking quite as much as I have enjoyed my pursuit of fluency in Mandarin.  It has been a challenge like I never predicted.  I sometimes hear people speak of their passion and how it ‘saved … Continue reading

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Chicken Vindaloo

My attempt to make the famed, scorching Chicken Vindaloo. Poor cooking skills and a bit of pure luck combine for an interesting experience. Continue reading

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Rustic Pathways

The big debate of a recent graduate: Do I stick with what job security I have and try and maintain employment? Or, do I instead say to hell with it and pack my bags come summer time, spend a few … Continue reading

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The Chinese Hukou

More and more, I find that the things I write branch out and away from China.  I think that in the long run this in inevitable, and in many respects not a bad thing.  At the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Riding the Iron Rooster

Theroux expressed a strong dislike toward my beloved China, stating that there could be nothing worse than a stay within one of the Chinese cities. He didn’t mention, however, that he had not only spent a year traveling there, but even gone so far to write a book about it. Continue reading

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