The Lost China Site

DSCN0139Heck yeah, three posts in the same week.  We’re feeling ambitious here!  I sat down for a nice session of writing, only to be brought away by a call for firewood, location issues with the square dance lady and other miscellaneous pursuits in the way of camping.
Thanksgiving is coming soon, which, in addition to bringing the standard thoroughfare of bird, stuffing and altogether too much alcohol, will mark the one year anniversary of this site and all of its contents.  A lot of change in the course of that year, but in the end I think it has been a good one all around.  I will probably have a year in review to post on that day, because I just know all of you are dying to here the little details in between.  Its just like the re-release of an album; you bought it once, but it just sounds better when you spend money on it a second time.
I’ve been trying to locate a website that I found a few weeks back.  The name started with China, but that doesn’t help too much.  It was a site containing a large number of interviews with prominent individuals in the China interest community.  Between business owners, CEOs, politicians and the like,  Chinese, American and every other in between, it seemed like it held great content.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name or how I actually came about seeing the damned thing.   If this sounds familiar, drop a note and let me know.

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