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Rustic pathways travel SummerThe big debate of a recent graduate: Do I stick with what job security I have and try and maintain employment? Or, do I instead say to hell with it and pack my bags come summer time, spend a few months abroad and come back to try and come up with new plans?  Well my friends, in this situation, there may just be a best of both worlds.  May I introduce you to renowned youth trip leading program, Rustic Pathways.

Established in the 80s as an alternative service trip program for high school students, Rustic Pathways is a well established trip program, specializing in trips abroad that promote community service, cultural observation and language study.  Sounds like something right up my alley.  They have a number of summer programs that run in mainland China, in all parts of the country.  What could be better then spending a summer getting paid (minimally) to take teenagers on a trip across China?

I have spent a good amount of time leading backcountry trips within the United States and Canada, so I have a pretty good background to be considered in applying, but we will see.  Does it exactly match my interests?  Not quite.  I really want to focus on getting my language skills up to excellent fluency, and staying in Beijing would be the best option for this, however a summer of employment is by no means a bad thing.  It seems like a sensible option, especially if I want to branch out in the world of eco, adventure and historical tourism and have something China relevant on my resume.  But this, my friends, is the sensible option, and it is all speculation at the moment.  Should it not pan out, what then?  Well, we will just have to see.  Step one is to apply.  More info to come, I’m sure.

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