DSC_0019A few months back, I began to have a great desire for a new camera, one which I thought would be able to deliver pictures of a finer quality.  Up until this point I have been using a Nikon Cool Pix, which, for its price, takes relatively decent pictures, but lacks good depth and rich color in some situations, especially landscapes.  It seemed as though the pictures I truly desired could only be achieved through use of an SLR.  Glorious as their pictures may be, these cameras don’t run cheap by any means.  The most introductory level starts at about five hundred dollars, and goes up quickly from there.  Want as I did, I wasn’t eager to spend that kind of money.
During a short trip to the city yesterday afternoon, I stopped in at J&R, the renowned music and electronic superstore in downtown Manhattan.  The best deal they could give (a black Friday special), was the Nikon D3000 at $450.  DSC_0002Now this was lower than I had seen in the past, but still out of the range I was hoping for.  I had to continue to fight off the urge and tell myself that a day would come when I could afford such a thing.
I went out with my mother this afternoon to the local BJs superstore to buy a few more things before the holiday.  My mom lost here phone and was interesting in seeing what, if any, deals were being prepared for Black Friday.  Feeling that it was worth a shot, I dropped by the electronics section to look at the cameras.  They had a moderate selection, but most were far out of my range.  But then, as I was walking away, in the bottom of the case I saw one more line of cameras, a selection of former display models that were being sold, and there, among a sad looking line of point-and shots, sat a D3000 almost two hundred dollars less than standard.  Finding this too hard to believe, I asked to see it, tried it, made them promise me that it came with a warranty, and then bought the thing.  Even if I hate it, I can put it on eBay for about 50 dollars more than what I paid.  It appears that it might have a flash release issue, but nothing that cannot be fixed.DSC_0005

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