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The Mystery of a Traveler

The magic, the mystery, and the unanswered questions; What is the true appeal of travel, and will it bring happiness, or just aid in prompting more questions? Continue reading

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The Lost China Site

Heck yeah, three posts in the same week.  We’re feeling ambitious here!  I sat down for a nice session of writing, only to be brought away by a call for firewood, location issues with the square dance lady and other … Continue reading

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Lonely Planet

I must admit, I’ve committed the ultimate sin in the way of travel planning. During a recent moment of weakness, I purchased the Lonely Planet guide to China. As far as I can tell, the thing leads you to generally … Continue reading

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The Opera

Oh yeah, that’s right, back again with my first post in about a month or so.  In the world of blogging, I’m not very good at keeping fresh material on the board.  On the other hand, work always takes precedent.  … Continue reading

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