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I’m back in the Valley, and to no one’s surprise it is raining once again.  This seems to be the common November, December trend.  Raining doesn’t really do this weather justice; it is more as if the ocean was coming down on the earth.  Everything is leaking

Chinatown New York Bayard Meat Market Store Sign

Speaking of leaks,  I’ve been trying to access the super-hot wikileak page with the hope of reading some good stuff, but as of the last few days it has been inundated with a crippling data request, effectively crashing the server.  I suspect that even if the site was not under attack, the level of traffic would still be high enough to bring it to a halt.  I do  not condone the actions of wikileaks, but the damage is already done, so why not read the stuff myself?  Beside which, I think making your own judgment on such documents can be far more reliable than listening to the ‘experts’ and their reports.
I have only heard a little bit of speculation on what was said about China, but what I have heard has not sounded terrible.  Something about China seeking the reunification of North and South Korea, but I haven’t read any of this firsthand and I’m sure that it is more complicated than that.  It always is.

I’m still working on the first section of the Chinatown Mega Tour.  It will probably be ready by mid to late December, but not until I have really found something of interest to write about.  I have some good pictures, but this is no photoblog!  You want written content, and written content you shall receive.  My most recent trip to the New York Chinatown was good, but I did not manage to visit any restaurants or interesting stores, which I believe will ultimately make the experience one that is worthy of documentation.  Until then, I must wait.  Hope everything is well in your respective world.

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