Post-Mao Photos

Liuheungshing Photograph China 1970s maoMy usual excuse is that I don’t have enough time to write, but over the last two weeks this has not been the case.  I simply don’t have anything to write about!  I’m reading a good book on Vietnam (Michael Herr’s “Dispatches”), and spent some of today creating a new header for the blog.  Other than that, nothin’ doin’.  I was browsing Google’s image search looking for some good examples of the Big Character Posters that were such a menace during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Although there are any number of great examples, I was led to the Three Shadows photography website, which is quite nice.  These photographs are from the late seventies/early eighties, so they are not the big character posters that I was looking for (I am interested in the ones that appeared in 1966 and 67), but they are great pictures nonetheless.  Take a look!

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