Dreaming in Chinese

I’ve got just a moment to post this, but by tomorrow or the day after I should have a review done out of Deborah Fallows book ‘Dreaming in Chinese’, a small work on her process toward gaining and understanding of the language.  Its alright, so far, but we’ll get the full details out in the next day or two.

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2 Responses to Dreaming in Chinese

  1. Angela says:

    That’s interesting, I’m studying Mandarin and am finding it pretty hard! Curious to see if the book offers some kind of “secret key” for understanding the language and learning it quicker than I’m actually doing 😉

  2. Fabrizio says:

    Haha, perhaps. How long have you been studying? While there isn’t really a secret key (as far as I can tell), there are certainly tricks depending on what level you are on. Repetition, dull as it is, is the best method that has worked for me. I don’t think the book will really help with study methods, but it can give you some insight on some of the difficulties encountered when studying. Thanks for the comment!

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