Chinese University Acceptance Letter

I’ve been accepted to a few different universities in China on several different occasions, and have a stack of old acceptance letters sitting around.  For various reasons, these planned trips simply didn’t pan out.  On some occasions, I applied for the hell of it.  While cleaning out my mailbox a few days back, I found a more recent acceptance letter from Beihang University in western Beijing.  I hadn’t even bothered to open this one (possibly a sign that I have been at this process too long).  I figured that it would be entertaining to post a few pictures of the documents that they sent me, and so I opened the letter, three months after receiving it from CUCAS

The funny thing, and one that I think most of you will catch on to quite quickly, is the the entire acceptance letter, along with everything else in the packet, is written entirely in Chinese.  I can make it through most of the letter and have a pretty good idea of the instructions it gives, but I think that it would be quite entertaining to have applied a year or two ago for the same program, at which point I would have been without a clue.  Perhaps it is a test, a way of trying to filter out a few people.  I doubt it, though.  I think it’s just very Chinese.

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