Buddha, Revisited

If you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find things to post and write about.  Earlier on, I was scanning through the large number of photos that I haven’t yet used in any of the blog posts, and happened upon these two that I quite like.  They are both from my visit to the giant Buddha carving in Leshan, Sichuan.  They where taken from the top of the cliffs, looking out on to the confluence of the rivers way down below.

I remember standing in these two spots quite well, and they remain one of the highlights of the trip.  There was something both mysterious about this spot, and the emotion that it carried has been hard to pinpoint.  As I posted a long time back, this spot is known for it’s turbulent waters.  The massive Buddha was originally carved with the hope that it would stay the anger of the river that had a reputation for sinking boats.  Because it happens to be the confluence of three rivers, it is not surprising that the water is turbulent.  On this particular winter day, it did not seem to be so angry.  The characteristic regional fog and low lying sun added to the mystery of the place, and looking way out into the distance I could see fisherman working on the shoals of the river just as they have been doing for the past few centuries.  The shoals on which they stand are the result of turbulent water, piles of rocks that have been pushed and shaped by the current.  The relentless force of water, revered in the past for it’s ability to take life, has created a natural rocky platform by which many others are able to support themselves.  Strange thought.

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