Today’s post comes after reading a guest post on the Adventurous Kate blog

When a Travel Blogger is Stuck at Home

This post is not directly related to my current feelings, but I found it very interesting nonetheless.  I am currently ‘at home’, but have been planning on setting out come summer.  It seems that another large decision has been put in my path.  Having been temporarily promoted at work (my boss left the job, and I am now interim boss until the beginning of the summer), I must decide what my next course of action will be.  On one path, I can decide to apply to this position with the hope of taking it full time.  This path, should I actually be hired, comes with some serious benefits; stable income, benefits, a great addition to the resume.  With these times of economic shakiness, it’s hard to look at such an opportunity and not be drawn in.

The second path starts with me leaving this job, buying a plane ticket and heading to Asia for a while.  While this is certainly not the more stable of the two choices, it has just as much merit as the first.  I will no longer be employed, but I do have some leads in China, and worse comes to worst I will just end up studying or traveling for a while.  In many respects, traveling would beget studying, so win-win.  China and Asia have remained my focus for the last couple years, and I am dying to go back.  Side note- Last night I had a dream that I was in France, but could only remember Mandarin.  Even if I went for three months, ran out of money and had to head home, I would not be unhappy.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing jobl security; in this case, it actually extends to my financial, health and employment future.  This is a great job, and one that I would not be unhappy to take.   But the world just seems to call to me-  I cannot account for the feelings of wanderlust that creep forth.  In the end, I can only hope that I am able to find what I really seek, but at the moment I am at an impasse.

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