China Boom

I was looking at the China Boom website recently.  This site, one that I mentioned a long time ago, is a project of the Asia Society, and contains a huge stockpile of videos with experts explaining why they feel China has had such a quick and widespread economic expansion.  The movies are mostly short and to the point, but in some cases the translations are a bit too simplified for my liking.  The movies are arranged by time frame, starting with the period just following the death of Mao, moving all the way up to modern day.  The ideas are presented by a wide array of individual, including many professors, executives, economists and writers of every capacity.  I really enjoy the site from this aspect, as there is such a diverse range of ideas presented that you have a bit more ability to make some deductions of your own. The site doesn’t seem to make any attempt at summarizing the group of ideas, but instead presents them as a raw mass of thought.  I strongly suggest checking it out, but don’t spend too much time looking for a good place to start.  There are so many clips to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming to try and create order amongst them.  Then again, I think that might be part of the point.  Happy watching!

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