Applying for a Chinese Visa

I would like to go back to China this coming summer, and such a trip will require that I obtain a new Chinese visa.  Obtaining a visa to head the China is not particularly difficult, however figuring out which one is correct for your trip, and then trying to obtain the one that you would like can take some time.  The most common forms that a Chinese visa will take are; A work visa, a business visa, a tourist visa and a student visa.  Each of these has respective attributes that make it work well for the particular applicant.  A tourist visa is the easiest of the bunch to apply for if you are traveling as, well, a tourist, but typically does not allow you to stay within the country as long as some of the others.  Most student visas allow for a six month to a year long stay (this is the case with the X Visa).  A work visa and a business Visa are different in that the work visa grants you permission to gain employment within the country, while the business visa allows you to conduct business interaction during your stay.  There are various other less common types that you can apply for, but these are the most common.

At the moment, its seems that I will be best suited to the Tourist visa;  In fact, I believe it may be my only option.  My most recent application to Beihang University was denied, and as a result I will not have the invitation letter that is necessary to gain a student Visa.  Hopefully I will be approved for as a tourist for a stay of more than a month, otherwise I will have to pilgrimage down to Hong Kong sooner than I would like in order to reapply.

While there are services that will allow you to mail your passport in to apply for a visa, it is my plan to head directly to the application agency within New York City.  This will expedite the process just a little bit, reduces the chance that my documents will vanish in the mail, and also allows me the chance to head the the Brooklyn and Queens Chinatowns in order to continue on my Megatour.  A visa application time can vary from anywhere between a week and a month, and I would like to get going on the process sooner rather than later.  Whether I apply to my current job or not, I will have at least a month at my disposal to travel, and there is no place that I would rather go than the middle kingdom.

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