China Visa and Paul Theroux’s New Book

My mind is fried; too many choices to be made within the next month about where I’m headed and what I want to do.  I received my visa, and to my surprise have been issued a pretty sweet deal.  With this small addition to my passport, I can enter and exit China at will for the next year, with a maximum stay of 120 days before I must exit and reenter the country.  This is pretty nice for a tourist visa, as the best I was hoping for was a three month single entry.  I don’t intend on staying in China for all of that time, but it is nice because it opens some options should I decide to move the trip back (God I hope not). And yet part of me wants to stay; I’ve got a stable job, the opportunity to move up and a good relationship. Things are going well, and I honestly have no idea how I will make a decision.

I’ve recently lost all sense of self preservation, and have become completely addicted to twitter.  What started as an attempt at self promotion has become a full-fledged habit.  Despite it’s grotesquely vapid nature, I do periodically find some interesting things that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  This morning, I got to read an interesting interview with Paul Theroux on his newest book, a collection of his favorite travel stories and moments.  I love Theroux, but these sorts of books tend to be lacking, an easy way of scrapping something together and getting paid.  I have high expectations of the man who sets even higher expectation for everyone else.  If you feel like checking it out, it’s well worth your time.  He is cynical as ever, and speaks freely of his dislike of blogs.

Paul Theroux on Blogging, Travel Writting and ‘Three Cups of Tea’

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