Returning to China

It seems that it has been quite the substantial intro to my traveling back to China, but after much time I am finally headed back.  The intro is over, and in just about two weeks I will be returning to the place that has so caught my interest.

I will be landing in Beijing to start, but shortly thereafter will head down to Xi’an where I will attend a language program at Shaandong (Updated: not only did I spell it wrong, it’s the wrong university) Shaanxi Normal University.  I’m guessing I’ll be in Beijing between five and ten days, depending largely on how much time I will need to get the train ticket to Xi’an.  Having applied through CUCAS, I will also be stopping at their main office in Beijing so that I can pick up my acceptance packet.  Should be a bit of an adventure.  It seemed safer to wait to pick the things up while I’m in Beijing than to gamble on mailing them.  CUCAS says it only takes about 4 weeks, but in the past it has taken as long as two months.  In addition, I don’t have four weeks to wait, so the decision was really made by default.

I don’t know what to expect just yet.  I’ve been incredibly busy at work (Summer Camp is in session) and haven’t had as much time as I thought I would to get things in order and prep my mind for the journey ahead.  Should have seen that coming.  Take all of the emotions that you can possibly have, blend em’ all together and that’s about how I’m feeling at the moment.  Excited, yes, but there is a whole mess of feelings going on in the background.  How could anyone feel otherwise?  It’s China!  Nothing can be generalized.

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