Random Temple Paintwork

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t take  a single photo today.  It was a good day to take a break from such things and to spend time thinking about what to write.  Writers block is bad, but having too much to write about can be just as much of a mess.  Nothing worse than a piece that meanders over too many topics.  The best solution is to spend time observing, not trying to put something together.  Wait until it arrives in your mind, and then make your move.

And so it is that I don’t have anything particularly interesting for you to read on this fine evening.  Instead, I will leave you with a simple set of pictures that I took in a pavilion in the park that surrounds the Temple of Heaven.  The pictures are, just as the park, simple and self explanatory, a peaceful moment in time.  As I find more and more, China is massive to the point of bleakness.  Look at it as a whole and it will leave you feeling lost and often alienated, a mass that I find anything but homogeneous.  A closer inspection is always required.  It is often within the fine details that you are able to see the depth of beauty.  Until our next encounter-

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