A Storm, as Seen From Afar

As the world moves on from the name that was Irene, it is strange to follow emotions that exist, to me, only as a status on Facebook.  So many feelings, so many voices, and far away as I might be, the thoughts of those at home sank in sometime around 8am this morning, when I woke up to news that you don’t like to hear.  Though Irene seems to have spared most of New York City, it was not so kind to Frost Valley, a place that I have called home for two years, and second home for many years before that.  To quote Jerry Huncosky, CEO of the Frost Valley YMCA;

“We have weathered a significant storm at my YMCA. Our camp has damage that will likely be in excess of a million dollars. We lost a lovely old building, called Pigeon Lodge, lost several bridges and most of our roads are destroyed. No one was injured and our magnificent staff came together and took care of guests and each other. I may be reaching out to you to help with clean up. In the meantime keep us in your thoughts.”

I have weathered a few very large storms in the Valley, but nothing has compared to this.  An entire lodge gone, taken by the river that had risen higher than banks could contain.  Buildings can be replaced, roads can be rebuilt, and very fortunately no one was injured during this great storm.  I can only imagine what clean up there will be, but this is a place with some of the strongest staff I that I have ever met, and I’m sure that they will pull through.  This is not directly a China post, but there are very few places that I love so much as this one, and I spent the entire day feeling that it would be wrong not to send these feelings back to the other side of the world.  I would love to be there helping to clean up, but these small feelings are all that I can give tonight.  When a plan for volunteers and repair appears, I will post it on here so that any of you FV lovers can join in support of this wonderful place.

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