The Southern Tour: Nameless Village

Oh, so tired, but a picture is worth a word or two and that means that I can rely on them just a bit more heavily than I tend to like.

I won’t say (once again, for various reasons) where these photos were taken, but all of them are from a village where our group spent a decent amount of time.  It was far down at the bottom of Yunnan, and it was amazingly tropical.  There were scorpions of a shocking blue color, but I didn’t manage to get an pictures of them.

Most of these pictures are pretty self explanatory, but if you will pay particular note to the large steaming barrel- This is some 50 gallons of home-brewed moonshine that the villagers make from corn.   Known across the nation as Baijiu, it is a nasty concoction, but widely enjoyed as a sipping liquor.  The mere smell haunts my dreams.  Check back on Sunday for a proper story.  Until then…

And of course, let’s not forget, a group of foreigners attracts a significantly higher level of attention than just one foreigner.  The result typically looks like this;

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