Stories from the Dark

After Dali, I made my way Northwest to Lijiang, a tourist hot spot.  I had a few adventures and a whole number of pictures from Lijiang, but those will be included in an upcoming post.  For now, I wanted to share a single photo that I took while I was on the trip.  I almost forgot about it, which is funny as it is easily within my top five favorites that I have ever taken.

I was walking through one of Lijiang’s street after spending the day exploring.  There are very few lights in certain parts of the Lijiang old town, and, at times, it can be almost completely dark.  As I found my way back toward my hostel, I passed by this small shop and took a picture in almost complete darkness.  I wasn’t sure if it would turn out any good, but I proved to be most interesting.

It is, by no means, the clearest photo that I have taken, but I could care less.  When I took the picture, I did not see the fantastic details that exist in the background, the pictures of musicians and performers who were obviously collected by the metalworker who used the desk.  It is a small piece of the secret lives of Chinese, a foot inside of a world that I don’t have much knowledge of.  I have spent much time wondering who these mystery people are, these images within a picture.  I’d like to think that I will never find out.

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