My House

There has only ever been one place where I really felt I was home, and I have missed it every day since I left.  I don’t think I could explain the conflict in this if I tried.

A number of people have asked to see what my apartment looks like-  It still doesn’t quite feel right, but hey, I think its pretty good.  We are almost at the center of the city.

If ever you have question about what it is like living in China, just ask, I will continue to answer some of the questions that I hear from time to time.  Enjoy-

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3 Responses to My House

  1. Ann Vull says:

    ..a Christmas (oops Holiday) Tree!

  2. rhett says:

    please i want to apply for a scholarship from the chinese government and i need to ask you if you know about beihang university and how good the school really is. thanks for your reply

  3. Fabrizio says:

    Hey, Rhett,
    Beihang is an excellent place to study Mandarin, as far as I have heard. It isn’t quite as well known as the big four (Beida, Tsinghua, Beishida and Beijing Language And Culture). This is to your advantage because it means that you won’t be surrounding by so many foreigners, something which plagues many people who are studying at some of the other locations. Good luck with the scholarship!

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