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Here is an older photo from a visit I made to the Forbidden City back in August.  It didn’t make the final cut for the post that I wrote, but I like it nonetheless.  Looking skyward you can see the heavy smog that was in the air on this particular day.  I had been in the country for just three days, and the effects of jet lag, culture shock and insane heat made my journey through the city incredibly slow.  Then again, it also provided some of my favorite pictures from the time I have spent in China.

It is strange to see so many people walking around with umbrellas, but they really do help with the heat, as well as slowing the sunburn which happens with or without clouds.  I remember sitting on a wall at the exit to the city, covered in sweat and trying to figure out how best to make my way back to the hostel where I was staying.  It was close to 100 degrees outside, and though I didn’t want to walk, there weren’t many other options (this was prior to my obtaining work, meaning that the cost of a cab was out of the question).  My arms looked like they had been streaked with muddied water colors, a combination of sweat and complete filth from a hot day in the city.  This was my first true day out in Beijing, and it was a great one.

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