I arrived back in Beijing last night, after a great three weeks spent visiting friends and family in the United States. A life spent abroad would not be wasted, but it is always good to get home for a while to regroup and share everything that you have seen and done. The skies in Beijing are still gray, the air still smells like burning coal, and everything is as I left it, though the city is much quieter than usual as a result of the recent celebration of Chinese New Year. I went out this morning to pay my phone bill and to buy some food. Thinking that I would start this next leg of my time on a healthy note, I went to buy some bananas. A recent study has shown that Jet Lag can reduce your logic capacities by 40%. I think the number of bananas I purchased will testify in favor of this statistic.

I have a good story about baggage flying down escalators and hordes of football fans at the airport.  Check back sometime in the next few days for more on that.

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