Fevers and Foothills

There are few things that I find less pleasant than hiking with a fever, and yet this is exactly what I found myself doing yesterday morning.  The hike had been planned a few weeks in advance, but the fever waiting until the night before to join.  I was attending this hike in a work related capacity, and had put up the money out of pocket.  Fever or not, I was putting my boots on.

I brought a supply of Sudafed from the U.S.  I typically hate the stuff, but I don’t see how I could have made it through the day without.  One pill and an hour later, I found myself feeling like a stuffy superhero.  I fumbled my way through finding the bus and my group, and off we set for a set of low lying foothills just north of Beijing.

It was not the best weather for hiking, with a thick blanket of smog hanging in the air.  Even at our destination, almost 150 kilometers outside of central Beijing, it was still difficult to see more than a mile.  It was a great hike, but I was glad to be back home and in bed at the end of the day.

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