Snake Dinner in Guangzhou

I’m spending the week in Guangzhou on a business trip of sorts, and went out to dinner this evening with some of the people in our company to the finest cuisine Guangzhou has to offer-  An assortment of Snake.  As we entered the restaurant, we passed a large crate with a number of three to four foot long creatures inside, and I was quickly aware of the direction things were headed.  When I was told that we would be eating snake, I figured that there would be a dish or two, but in a fashion similar to Beijing Duck, the entire meal consisted of dishes made out of the various parts of just one animal.

Long and short was that most pieces were delicious, and tasted nothing like I would have thought.  The only parts that did not sit quite so well were a strange slurry made of entirely of minced snake tendon, as well as the snake liver, which had an okay texture but a challenging flavor.  The meal was finished off with a glass of snake-egg egg whites, spiced with some local herbs. A year or so ago I watched someone on TV eat a similar such meal, and declared that there was no way I would do the same.  I must be slipping.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of time to write in the last few weeks.  Work has been full tilt, and I am preparing to move to Guangzhou (part of why I’m here), which means that my mind is completely held up with other topics.  One the other hand,  it means there will be plenty of new stuff to write about!

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