The New Apartment

It’s been a busy month among busy months, and as I look now, I see that I have failed to make even one post in the last 31 days, a sore failure on my part.

After much discussion, preparation and rescheduling, I finally made the move the Guangzhou, way down south next to Hong Kong, but as I write this post I am currently sitting back in Beijing, after a week of business (and getting a Chinese Drivers License, but that’s a story of it’s own).  I will fly back south tomorrow morning to continue our project, and then it’s off to Hong Kong on Wednesday or Thursday for a visa issue.

In the meantime, I have a few pictures of the new place.  I have always had a hard time photographing indoor spaces, and this was no exception.  To compound the fact, I was also in the process of departure for Beijing, as can be seen in the clothing scattered around the rooms.  I had washed all of my things the night before, but Guangzhou is humid to the point where nothing dries.  Laying it all out inside the space seemed like a good idea, but was of no avail.

Oh yes, and my balcony overlooks an industrial complex and highway.  Most excellent

I haven’t had much chance to explore this new city, other than the compulsory trip to Ikea, but I’m hoping that within this next week I will have a bit more time to get some pictures of the community I live in.  It is gated, there are palm trees, and if I didn’t no better I would have never picked it as a part of China.  Until then….

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  1. Abhijeet Shesh says:

    Great Blog Mate 🙂

    I am planning to move to Guangzhou too. Currently based @ Muscat, Oman

    We are opening our office there. Loved your apartment…How did you manage to find it. I mean I went through few website and all but no very convinced.

    Can you suggest me better way to do it and an indication of Rent as well. I am looking for 1 BR Full Furnished Apartment only.

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