The Community

A number of people have requested to see my new neighborhood in Guangzhou, and though I would have loved to oblige immediately, I have been doing active battle with the internet and all devices associated. I took almost 5 hours to figure out how to configure the new router. For one reason or another, it didn’t occur to me that the instructions and all portions of the software would be in Chinese. Lesson learned.

My new apartment is in a community unlike anywhere that I have ever lived. To begin with, Guangzhou is nothing short of tropical, and, as seen in the pictures, the landscape suits the word lush in all respects. Humid doesn’t quite cover the quality of the air. Saturated may be more appropriate.

There are a ton of great pictures to be taken, but I’m not quite ready to completely irritate the neighbors . Given my status as one of possible 10 foreigners living in this area, I stand out plenty as it is. It is unusual for me to see anyone not of Chinese decent. The community is gated, and I estimate the population to be somewhere between three and five thousand, a strange mix of young and old, with more children then I have ever seen in my life. Everywhere I look, there are children bouncing around, riding scooters and bikes, and causing chaos on roller blades. I can picture no place more fantastic to grow up as this little world. It is an ongoing block party in a land where the temperature never seems to drop. I also have no reservations in saying that this is, hands down, the cleanest place that I have ever been in China. The only draw back that I have found is that it is nearly an hour from the central city, but this is not too terrible as I am located directly across the street from any number of buses and a subway.

If I have time this evening, I hope to go out and take some night shots. The lighting here is fantastic, and there is something that I find very attractive about the Guangzhou nights. It is so humid that the night air tends to be foggy, condensation following a hot day.

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