Morning Storm

My morning starting with a momentary flash of ultra violet, followed by an organ shoving explosion.  I sat up, looking out of the window in time to see lighting hit a building in the distance several more times, each with a sound I didn’t think possible.

I love thunderstorms, and dashed out to the balcony hoping to record the lighting as it danced across the flat stretch of land between my apartment and the mountains in the distance.  I have been in some unbelievable thunderstorms, but the stuff in Guangzhou is legendary.  These storms are fast, and incredibly loud.  Much as I wanted to continue standing outside, I figured that having my feet in a puddle 18 floors up was not healthy living, even if the building is well grounded.  The lighting hit the crane in the picture above several times, the site located little more than half a mile from my windows.

It rained for almost three hours, and by the time it was done the river below my apartment, normally little more than a trickle, had turned into a monster.  That said, it’s time for a coffee, and hopefully an adventure that will bring more stories to this page.

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  1. Woah, that sounds scary and exciting at the same time. I like it! Guangzhou looks hectic.

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