Hong Kong Cash

I was in Hong Kong just over a week ago sorting out a visa issue.  Because Hong Kong is run almost completely separate from the mainland, most public systems are different, including the cash.  This is a picture of one of their bills, a fantastic shade of purple.  Hong Kong seemed amazing, but I was only there for four hours, and I think more time is deserved if I am to write any sort of post.  For now, I’ll just leaving you to wonder who had such a brilliant idea as to create purple cash.

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2 Responses to Hong Kong Cash

  1. Hong Kong cash also feels extremely plastic to me. It’s strange, but I guess I like it for its uniqueness.

  2. Hong Kong is pretty cool. The first time I went there, I thought “how Chinese!”, then when returning after 6 months in China, I thought “how Western!”. But I like it a lot.

    However, we (Australia) had plasticky purple money long before them!

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