Two Weeks in Beijing

Two weeks ago, I headed north to host a training at a school in Beijing.  I was only meant to stay for two days, and then head back to Guangzhou, but I ended up spending a full two weeks in the Capitol, working on summer and fall projects for the company, as well as spending time with old roommates.  Of the two months that I have been a resident of Guangzhou, nearly three and half weeks have been spent in Beijing.  In many ways, I still feel more comfortable there than in my new home.

A good friend is heading back to her home in the U.K. in just over a week, and though I am sure we will see one another again, it is always hard to say such distant good-byes.  In a world of Skype and flawless connections, I often lose sight of the realities of distance and time.  Though I would like to claim ignorance to the absurd geographic barrier between myself and the people I love, there are times when I am washed over by the awareness that a phone call only carries a small piece of each person to my ear.  I suspect this is what drives my writing at this moment.  The world is not nearly so large as I once thought, but I still grapple with the idea that I can’t make sense of it all, much as I might like.

I don’t know where I meant to go with this whole sensitive discussion; It’s something I typically avoid in my posts, but it has become such a dominant feeling that I figured it was worth this space.  I do not plan on leaving China just yet, but I do wonder what life after this place will hold.  There was a time when graduate university was my only goal in life-  Those days have long since faded, but somewhere deep down, an academic desire still lingers.  I no longer think I would pursue this route in the United States, but as I have come to understand, the U.S. is but a small piece of a vast world.

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