Flying in United Global First at little to no cost

I recently wrote about my experience flying first class from China to New York, and though this is not the typical content of this site, a number of people have asked how much the ticket cost and how I was able to afford such excess – Ask and you shall receive!

Truth be told, I cannot afford this kind of ticket, nor would I spend so much money on the seat even if it was within my means (The day I traveled would have cost around $11,500 if purchased outright). Nonetheless, when said ticket costs little to nothing, I don’t believe there are many flyers who would turn down the opportunity.

I paid for my ticket entirely with skymiles – If you don’t already have an account and are flying with any regularity, set one up immediately. Frequent flyer accounts are offered by almost every airline that is worth using, and in the long run can help you gain free flights, accommodation discounts and a variety of benefits. In the case of this particular United ticket, I used miles that I had obtained when signing up for a United Credit Card offered through Chase. With a signing bonus of 50,000 miles, I was already well on my way to gaining a ticket in Global First. This, when combined with an existing flyer account, is a powerful card, and a good method to use if you are looking to accumulate from all angles. There are many frequent-flier cards out there, so choose one that suits an airline you prefer to travel with. United is partnered with the Star Alliance, so most miles earned through United Can be used toward flights with a wide range of partner airlines.

There, not my typical style of post, but now you know! I often check out The Points Guy for ideas on current offers for points from Credit Cards and hotels.

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