The Park Hyatt of Ningbo, China

Ningbo lies just over two hours south of Shanghai, and was the site of my most recent work related adventure.  I had the pleasure of being put up in the Park Hyatt, a hotel which soundly put all others to shame.  The place is brand new, huge and immaculate.  I spent most of my time there picturing myself a part of the royalty from which I am so far removed.

It was a strange trip, at least on a personal end.  It has been a bumpy return to China, and at times I feel that I am in a dream state.  The hotel very much complimented this sensation of other-worldliness, pushing my sensations somewhere between euphoria and disorientation.  I spent an evening walking around with the camera, hoping to shake the combination of exhaustion, jetlag and stress.  Most of the pictures I took were complete crap, and this photo is no exception.  It is flat and doesn’t have much subject to speak of, but in a strange way it makes me feel exactly as I did while I was setting it up; the dream that was the Ningbo Park Hyatt.

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