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Zhongguancun Electronics Market

After surviving many falls, my iPhone finally stopped working a few nights back. A trip to Beijing’s largest electronics district to see about a new digitizer was in order. Continue reading

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Fragrant Hills Park

My first attempt at getting to the Fragrant Hills Park was a failure, but try number two was rewarded with much better results. A good day of hiking is a great break from the city. Continue reading

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Board Games

The community in smaller neighborhoods is an amazing thing. Board games on the street are a spectator sport. Continue reading

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The Long Post: Dongyue Temple, Beijing

The second piece in the Long Post series, this trip takes me to Beijing’s Dongyue Temple, a less frequented Taoist site. Described as a “Taoist Hades”, this place was well worth my time. Continue reading

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There is so much to see that I don’t always know where to start. I found myself wandering around southern Beijing when a new idea came into fruition. Continue reading

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The Night Train to Shanghai

A last minute decision pulls me onto a night train headed for Shanghai. 13 hours later, I had been schooled in the ways of life on the rails in China. Continue reading

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Back From Shanghai

I ended up in Shanghai very much on a quick decision.  People that I had met in Beijing were flying out of Guangzhou in a few days, and were planning on stopping in Shanghai first.  Given that I did not … Continue reading

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Random Temple Paintwork

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t take  a single photo today.  It was a good day to take a break from such things and to spend time thinking about what to write.  Writers block is bad, but having too … Continue reading

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Story of a Picture

I came to China to understand a culture and a language. The camera can be a great way to bridge the gap in understanding both. Continue reading

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Life on the Street

In a city like Beijing, it can be easy to get lost in the tangle of new development. Take a look in any of the small places, and chances are fair that you will still catch some of the old-world charm. Continue reading

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