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The Night Market

A trip to Beijing’s famous Wangfujing night market bring many new culinary experiences. Scorpion, Cricket and a rainbow of colors are all on the menu. Continue reading

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The 8th Wonder of the World

An amazing New Years day trip to the Great Wall of China and a large tourist oriented gift shop. Looking back on a discussion I had with a student on the wall, I wonder about the underlying purpose behind his questions. Continue reading

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Beijing at Night

Beijing can be a hectic city, but once night rolls around and the lights come on, this metropolis takes on a new feeling. Between the lights and the people, Beijing nightlife is a world in its own. Continue reading

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Last day of 2009, decades on Tian’anmen

In the last hours of 2009, we find ourselves in Tian’anmen Square; the center of Beijing and the focus of two decades of fearful anticipation. The position this place holds in Chinese culture is hard to say. Continue reading

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Schools, Galleries and Louis Vuitton

Freezing weather, visiting China’s two most famous universities, a trip to the 798 art gallery, and an evening of haggling and the famous Beijing pearl market. In China, continuity is relative. Continue reading

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Day one in the Northern Capital

Our first true day out seeing the sights of Beijing. A look back at my first exposure to the legendary Beijing smog, and some thoughts on the overwhelming nature of the sheer size of this city. The intended tourist attractions proved to be far less memorable than the things I saw along the way. Continue reading

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Arriving in Beijing

After many hours of Travel, our group arrives in Beijing. We meet our ever charismatic guide Ronald McDonald, a man who would develop nothing short of a fan club during our stay, and travel to our hotel. Welcome to China. Commence sensory overload. Continue reading

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