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The Chinese Hukou

More and more, I find that the things I write branch out and away from China.  I think that in the long run this in inevitable, and in many respects not a bad thing.  At the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Riding the Iron Rooster

Theroux expressed a strong dislike toward my beloved China, stating that there could be nothing worse than a stay within one of the Chinese cities. He didn’t mention, however, that he had not only spent a year traveling there, but even gone so far to write a book about it. Continue reading

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The Mystery of a Traveler

The magic, the mystery, and the unanswered questions; What is the true appeal of travel, and will it bring happiness, or just aid in prompting more questions? Continue reading

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The Lost China Site

Heck yeah, three posts in the same week.  We’re feeling ambitious here!  I sat down for a nice session of writing, only to be brought away by a call for firewood, location issues with the square dance lady and other … Continue reading

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Lonely Planet

I must admit, I’ve committed the ultimate sin in the way of travel planning. During a recent moment of weakness, I purchased the Lonely Planet guide to China. As far as I can tell, the thing leads you to generally … Continue reading

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More Reading

Well, last I had left, I was writing about my joy of the rain, followed by waking up to one of the largest days of flooding that I have ever encountered.  Eight and a half inches of rain over the … Continue reading

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Ghost Train

I’m almost finished with “Ghost Train to the Eastern Star”, probably going to wrap it up this afternoon. Amazing does not do it justice. Theroux does a remarkable job in conveying the greatness of each country and region, talking about … Continue reading

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Plans and Theroux

The world is big and it is waiting for you! Go Forward! Take risk, change your plans, try new things, and most of all, don’t screw up while in Turkmenistan. Paul Theroux inspires my wanderlust bound brain. Continue reading

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Change of Seasons

I’m not going to lie, I have no material to write about, at least not anything pertaining to China.  It is the change of seasons in the Catskills.  Even in these late summer months, some of the trees are already … Continue reading

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Recent Readings

A compilation of thoughts on Hesslers “Country Driving, Zhang Lijia’s “Socialism is Great”, and Leslie Chang’s “Factory Girls”. Three books that are great together. Continue reading

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