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Oh Google, where art thou?

Google has announced that it may withdraw from the Chinese market. There is a large and quickly rising outcry, and reading deeper reveals that much more is at play than simply the interests of Google. Continue reading

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Arriving in Beijing

After many hours of Travel, our group arrives in Beijing. We meet our ever charismatic guide Ronald McDonald, a man who would develop nothing short of a fan club during our stay, and travel to our hotel. Welcome to China. Commence sensory overload. Continue reading

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Back in the States

Back in the United States after two weeks in China. This is an introduction to many upcoming posts describing my days abroad. Continue reading

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Rant on misleading statements

I haven’t written anything in a few days, and feel that it is sometimes worth writing simply for the sake of writing. And since there is no way that I could ever go past the storage limits of my server, … Continue reading

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