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The Temple of Heaven

I take a trip the one of Beijing’s largest and most visited sites, the Temple of Heaven. A classic example of Ming Architecture, and well worth the visit. Continue reading

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Traveling to the Beijing CUCAS Office

What should have been a simple trip to pick up some paperwork turns into a classic mess of wrong addresses and poor decision making. Continue reading

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Culture Shock

The true terror of culture shock is that you never really see it coming.  You could be fine for weeks, and then, with little warning, suddenly be overwhelmed by the world around you.  Or, in my particular case, 24 hours … Continue reading

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Back in Beijing

After much travel, several subways and a whole mess of Tech issues, I’m back online and back in Beijing.  My website has earned the great honor of being blocked within the PRC, and as such, it is far more difficult … Continue reading

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Travel Vaccines for China

If you are traveling to China anytime in the near future, it is a good idea to stop by your doctors office and arrange to get the necessary vaccines. Here are the most common vaccines suggested before traveling to China. Continue reading

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A line of thoughts during today’s process of packing for China. You have to embrace the anxiety. Continue reading

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How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to China With Skype

Staying in touch with your friends and family while abroad can get quite expensive if you are always dialing straight out on your phone. Here is a way to still use your cell phone and be able to afford three square meals. Continue reading

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Returning to China

It seems that it has been quite the substantial intro to my traveling back to China, but after much time I am finally headed back.  The intro is over, and in just about two weeks I will be returning to … Continue reading

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10 Things I’ll Miss While in China

I’m headed back to China in a bit more than a month, and despite being very excited, there are some simple things that I will certainly miss. Continue reading

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China Visa and Paul Theroux’s New Book

A visa, too many options, and a great interview with famed travel writer Paul Theroux. I didn’t interview him, but who cares! Worth reading anyway. Continue reading

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