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Getting an Expedited China Visa

My thoughts and experiences with the interesting process of applying for a China Visa through a passport agency. All interested should consult with their bank. Continue reading

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Brooklyn 8th Avenue Chinatown

I get a chance to head out to the Brooklyn Chinatown. It may be less well known, but it is very authentic and not to be missed. Continue reading

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China and the Memory of Mao

An examination of Mao and his influence on present day China. Is a leader, now dead 35 years, still of great importance as China moves forward? Continue reading

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Zuckerberg, Baidu and Facebook China Vs. American Senate

Baidu, China’s largest web search provider, is suspected of planning on entering a joint venture in the creation of a Facebook China. U.S. Senator Dick Durban may say otherwise. Continue reading

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Lonely Planet Recommended China Books

A recent scan through my copy of Lonely Planet China brought forth some recommended readings. To my horror, the suggest “Mao: The Unknown Story”. This will not stand! Continue reading

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Applying for a Chinese Visa

I would like to go back to China this coming summer, and such a trip will require that I obtain a new Chinese visa. ¬†Obtaining a visa to head the China is not particularly difficult, however figuring out which one … Continue reading

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China Bans Smoking in Public Places

The Chinese government has declared a formal ban on smoking in certain public locations, namely restaurants. ¬†Although they have attempted to do this in the past, it has never been successful, due in no small part to the lack of … Continue reading

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Bin Laden, China and Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden, as most of you have probably read, was found hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan stands as China’s strongest ally in the Middle East, and one that they are very unlikely to stray away from Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden and a Chinese Reaction

I review a great article by Evan Osnos, staff writer for the New Yorker living in China. How does the Chinese community interpret the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden? Continue reading

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China, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

I have not doubt that Zuckergberg is serious in his commitment to bringing Facebook to China. With a market 420 million strong, how couldn’t he be? But is it really meant to be? Continue reading

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