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China Boom

A look at the Asia Society’s ‘China Boom’ project. One hundred experts answer the same question in an attempt to explain China’s growth over the last thirty years. Continue reading

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Creating a Global iPhone

A major question that comes up for any traveler is that of communication. I go over the steps needed to turn an iPhone into a travel ready, global phone. Continue reading

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Today’s post comes after reading a guest post on the Adventurous Kate blog When a Travel Blogger is Stuck at Home This post is not directly related to my current feelings, but I found it very interesting nonetheless.  I am … Continue reading

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Facebook China?

Mark Zuckerberg has made his Facebook a home for social circles around the world, and yet finds himself with one last market to conquer; Will a Facebook China ever see the light of day? Continue reading

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Chinese University Acceptance Letter

I’ve been accepted to a few different universities in China on several different occasions, and have a stack of old acceptance letters sitting around.  For various reasons, these planned trips simply didn’t pan out.  On some occasions, I applied for … Continue reading

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Chinatown Mega Tour: New York City

A trip to New York City’s famed Chinatown. As the largest and oldest Chinatown around, this is a must visit location if you are ever in the big city. Old streets, battle sites, fruit and fish markets abound. Continue reading

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CUCAS: Large Cost, Reasonable Results

A long while back I went on a bit of a rant over the China University and College Admission System (CUCAS), as I felt that I had been mislead by their representation of the service that they offered. I have … Continue reading

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Post-Mao Photos

My usual excuse is that I don’t have enough time to write, but over the last two weeks this has not been the case.  I simply don’t have anything to write about!  I’m reading a good book on Vietnam (Michael … Continue reading

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Foreign Exchange Certificates

While writing the previous post on the things that I had seen at my grandmothers house, I had forgotten to show one more, and perhaps the coolest of the bunch.  Prior to my trip to China last January, my grandmother … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Trip to China

My 89 year old grandmother often speaks of the trip that she took to China in 1986. “China will rule the world”, she said. Here are some pictures of her stamped passport and itinerary. Continue reading

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