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Brooklyn 8th Avenue Chinatown

I get a chance to head out to the Brooklyn Chinatown. It may be less well known, but it is very authentic and not to be missed. Continue reading

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Chinatown Mega Tour: New York City

A trip to New York City’s famed Chinatown. As the largest and oldest Chinatown around, this is a must visit location if you are ever in the big city. Old streets, battle sites, fruit and fish markets abound. Continue reading

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Water Leak, Wikileaks

I’m back in the Valley, and to no one’s surprise it is raining once again.  This seems to be the common November, December trend.  Raining doesn’t really do this weather justice; it is more as if the ocean was coming … Continue reading

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The Chinatown Mega-Tour

In my quest for good writing material, I propose an outlandish idea; a mega-trip to visit all of the East Coast Chinatowns by means of the ultra-discount Chinatown bus services. Continue reading

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