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China and the Memory of Mao

An examination of Mao and his influence on present day China. Is a leader, now dead 35 years, still of great importance as China moves forward? Continue reading

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Lonely Planet Recommended China Books

A recent scan through my copy of Lonely Planet China brought forth some recommended readings. To my horror, the suggest “Mao: The Unknown Story”. This will not stand! Continue reading

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Post-Mao Photos

My usual excuse is that I don’t have enough time to write, but over the last two weeks this has not been the case.  I simply don’t have anything to write about!  I’m reading a good book on Vietnam (Michael … Continue reading

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The Mao Museum

A day trip in a region surrounding Leshan Brings us to visit the worlds largest Mao memorabilia museum. Hundreds of thousands of Mao buttons later, I had a strange story to tell. Continue reading

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Last day of 2009, decades on Tian’anmen

In the last hours of 2009, we find ourselves in Tian’anmen Square; the center of Beijing and the focus of two decades of fearful anticipation. The position this place holds in Chinese culture is hard to say. Continue reading

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