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Guangzhou South Railway Station

I spent the weekend in Macao as part of my visa requirements. These are photos taken in the Guangzhou South Railway Station where we waited for our train. Continue reading

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A Couple Waiting for their Train

A portrait of a boyfriend and girlfriend waiting for their train in Guangzhou. Continue reading

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An Afternoon in Central Guangzhou

After the worst of Today’s Storm passed, I spent the afternoon walking around Central Guangzhou, shooting pictures of anything I liked. Public transportation abounds. Continue reading

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The Southern Tour: Train to Dali

There is nothing quite like a journey through China by train. You can’t really say you’ve seen it all until you have taken at least one extended ride on a train. Pictures from my ride between Kunming and Dali. Continue reading

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The Night Train to Shanghai

A last minute decision pulls me onto a night train headed for Shanghai. 13 hours later, I had been schooled in the ways of life on the rails in China. Continue reading

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Riding the Iron Rooster

Theroux expressed a strong dislike toward my beloved China, stating that there could be nothing worse than a stay within one of the Chinese cities. He didn’t mention, however, that he had not only spent a year traveling there, but even gone so far to write a book about it. Continue reading

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