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The Chinatown Mega-Tour

In my quest for good writing material, I propose an outlandish idea; a mega-trip to visit all of the East Coast Chinatowns by means of the ultra-discount Chinatown bus services. Continue reading

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Rustic Pathways

The big debate of a recent graduate: Do I stick with what job security I have and try and maintain employment? Or, do I instead say to hell with it and pack my bags come summer time, spend a few … Continue reading

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Riding the Iron Rooster

Theroux expressed a strong dislike toward my beloved China, stating that there could be nothing worse than a stay within one of the Chinese cities. He didn’t mention, however, that he had not only spent a year traveling there, but even gone so far to write a book about it. Continue reading

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The Mystery of a Traveler

The magic, the mystery, and the unanswered questions; What is the true appeal of travel, and will it bring happiness, or just aid in prompting more questions? Continue reading

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Plans and Theroux

The world is big and it is waiting for you! Go Forward! Take risk, change your plans, try new things, and most of all, don’t screw up while in Turkmenistan. Paul Theroux inspires my wanderlust bound brain. Continue reading

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Arriving in Beijing

After many hours of Travel, our group arrives in Beijing. We meet our ever charismatic guide Ronald McDonald, a man who would develop nothing short of a fan club during our stay, and travel to our hotel. Welcome to China. Commence sensory overload. Continue reading

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Back in the States

Back in the United States after two weeks in China. This is an introduction to many upcoming posts describing my days abroad. Continue reading

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