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China Visa and Paul Theroux’s New Book

A visa, too many options, and a great interview with famed travel writer Paul Theroux. I didn’t interview him, but who cares! Worth reading anyway. Continue reading

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Getting an Expedited China Visa

My thoughts and experiences with the interesting process of applying for a China Visa through a passport agency. All interested should consult with their bank. Continue reading

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Applying for a Chinese Visa

I would like to go back to China this coming summer, and such a trip will require that I obtain a new Chinese visa.  Obtaining a visa to head the China is not particularly difficult, however figuring out which one … Continue reading

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Chinese University Acceptance Letter

I’ve been accepted to a few different universities in China on several different occasions, and have a stack of old acceptance letters sitting around.  For various reasons, these planned trips simply didn’t pan out.  On some occasions, I applied for … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Trip to China

My 89 year old grandmother often speaks of the trip that she took to China in 1986. “China will rule the world”, she said. Here are some pictures of her stamped passport and itinerary. Continue reading

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Third times the charm?

Hello to all of you in internet land!  I’m in the process of preparing more about the discovering China trip, but in the meantime I have some updates and some thoughts to post.  This gives me more time to write, … Continue reading

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